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Studio Saar

This 138 year old bungalow was the home of the Prime Ministers of Mewar. It imposed over the Swaroopsagar extension of Pichola and needs to be treated sympathically to the views of and from the lake. By demolishing all modern construction we built an adjoining structure th at buttresses the cliff wall the house was built on and returned the original colonial bungalow to its designed form

The home is water neutral, with its own sewage treatment plant , with the recovered water used in the garden . All rainwate r is filtered and returned through a ground water recharge well . Solar hot water, passive cooling measures and strategic use of framed windows both minimises the heat ingress and increases the connection from inside to outside.

Built on many levels, the h ouse follows where the ground took it, with all rooms opening onto the 3 acres of landscaping around them.

A Private Residence - Udaipur

Status: Completed
Date: 2015
Client: Undisclosed
Structural Engineers: AMI Engineers